Some injection molders do just that…inject molds. Here at MPS Plastics, however, we manufacture your molds and all auxiliary tooling in-house. If you need to make a sudden change, no problem. You have access to the expert toolmaker and engineer responsible for your project because everything is here at MPS Plastics.

Our fully equipped Tooling Center, which includes high-tech CNC milling equipment and EDM machines, offers you the utmost in quality, precision, and flexibility. Once the computers, CNC and EDM machines have finished their work, MPS Plastics toolmakers then take over and apply the finishing touches, thoroughly checking every detail.

MPS Plastics recognizes that not every project requires a complex, high-volume, and therefore expensive tool. That’s why we are willing to produce limited-life molds, mold inserts, and soft molds. In fact, we encourage it if it’s best for the project. Because it makes sense, and prevents you from squandering scarce financial resources. COST EFFECTIVENESS is an integral part of our business philosophy.

Finally, we are pioneering a cost-saving technique we call "time-share" molding. Contact our Plant Manager at to find out if this technology can help you save money.

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Unique among Connecticut injection molders, MPS Plastics is the premier New England custom injection molder specializing in injection molds, insert molding, plastic molded parts, product design, plastics engineering, tool making, mold making, finishing, and CAD/CAM.